Amplify Launches 2019 Study Groups

Calling all underrepresented voices in tech!  We see you showing up, telling your story, growing as a Salesforce administrator, developer, consultant and leader in your community.  

We invite you to join an Amplify Study Group cohort to earn your first (or next!) Salesforce certification.

Registration is live to claim a spot in an Amplify Study Group (winter 2019 semester).*  New year’s resolution, anyone? Amplify has you covered!

As people with underrepresented voices in tech, we face obstacles to advance our careers – whether they’re financial barriers, lack of mentorship, burn out, or plain old impostor syndrome.  Plus, we endure racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism.

diversity in tech.png

That’s why Amplify offers free, peer-facilitated study groups to support members of our community to master Salesforce material and earn certifications.

I’m 2x Salesforce Certified, but I like to say I’m 2x Amplify Certified because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my Amplify study groups.

When I first started learning the ropes as a Salesforce admin, I attended an in-person class.  Much to my surprise, most students were there from the private sector, brushing up before sitting for a certification exam.  As for me, a queer woman from the nonprofit sector? I didn’t even know Certifications were available! I didn’t have any mentors in the Salesforce ecosystem yet and I internalized that “people like me” just didn’t get Certs.  It turns out… I was wrong, but I needed mentors who believed in me and connected me with resources to change my mind. Now, that’s my job!

3 years and two Certs later (thanks to Amplify!), I can vouch for the benefits of learning in a supportive, peer-led community with Amplify members as students and guides.  Our study sessions went deep into core exam content, while pairing it with real world advice and demos. I made friends who supported each other through job transitions, implementation milestones, and of course, exam dates.  I’m so grateful for the Amplify community – and humbled to give back by coordinating Study Groups in 2019. If you have more questions about my experiences, feel free to email me!

Join folks like me and register for a study group today!

One more thought – and this is important!  The last thing we want is to create a certification hierarchy in our Amplify community.  We value you whether you have certs or not, and whether you can accommodate a study group in your schedule this winter or not.

So why do we advocate studying for certification exams? (on average 100 hours of work to prepare).  Because we want to support our Amplify members in our journeys to:

·       Hone our professional expertise and open new opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem

·       Earn recognition for our knowledge and skills

·       Advocate for our next raise or promotion

·       Be a trailblazer and pay it forward for future Amplify members!

That’s why I’m committed to supporting 80 people from underrepresented communities to earn certifications this year.  

I’m proof that “people like us” DO succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem!

(If you have questions about how much work it takes to study, or what to expect in an exam setting, or even doubts about getting certified at all, seriously – reach out to me!)

Consider this your personal invitation.  Register for a study group today!

*Study Groups are subject to interest and capacity.  We’ll do our best to fill all groups, but we can’t guarantee that every Certification group will run in each session.  If we can’t run a group, we’ll start a waiting list for our next session.