Call to Action: Amplify is looking for Partners!

The Amplify Community has witnessed an exciting surge of grassroots action in the past six months. Community groups are sprouting up in the San Francisco East Bay, South Bay, LA, Boston, and Austin. We presented about How to be an Accomplice to Underrepresented Voices in Tech at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, we launched Mentor Circles, started new Study Groups, sent Cheryl Curry to TrailheadX, and we enjoyed Happiest Hours at the Higher Ed Summit, NTC, TrailheadX, and various other events and locations. We are a vibrant, dynamic, inclusive community and we invite all of those who are like-minded to join us. This includes not only individual community members, but Amplify Partners as well.

What is an Amplify Partner?

Amplify Partners gain access to resources and talent to help your organizations deepen their commitment to diversity, and you will be providing opportunity to individuals who have historically been silenced by tradition, culture, race, ethnicity, age, ability, gender expression and identify, or sexual orientation. Being an Amplify Partner means that you are making an active choice, as one who has been given some measure of privilege in this world, to use your voice to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced. Amplify Partners choose to speak up on behalf of underrepresented voices when they are not present to use their own voice. Amplify Partners choose to stand down and let underrepresented persons speak on their own behalf when they are present to use their own voice. When they are spoken over, overlooked, dismissed, or disregarded, Amplify Partners choose to use their message until they are heard. Amplify Partners have a deep commitment to continuing this work until those voices are no longer silenced, until equality is the norm, and until everyone has a seat at the table.

How does Amplify Commit to our Partners?

Our commitment to you, as an Amplify Partner, is to continue to work alongside you toward success in a more diverse, equitable world. We will ask your opinions, and we will ask for your help. We will offer you resources, education, and opportunities to learn from us and from each other.

And a few more answers to FAQ’s, just in case…..

What is Amplify?

Amplify is a volunteer-led, community driven grassroots organization dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices in tech.

We have over 5,000 members in our online communities in the Power of US Hub and in our social community groups. Every year we host dozens of events and get-togethers, in addition to providing valuable resources and education to our members and partners.

When and how did Amplify start?

Founded in 2013, Amplify began as a dozen nonprofit women around the idea that community changes the world. Today, Amplify is a social impact organization of over 5,000 underrepresented voices and our accomplices who all work within the ecosystem. We are Salesforce users, administrators, developers, and consultants as well as nonprofit and education professionals who are working together to improve our careers, our organizations, our communities, and our world. While much of our collaboration and many of our programs are based in the Power of US Hub and in our public social communities on Facebook and Twitter, we also host in-person events open to Amplify members and accomplices.

What are Amplify’s Core Values?

  • Empowerment - for underrepresented voices to pursue education/careers in IT, and for our accomplices to amplify our voices

  • Education - to improve our skill sets and benefit to our clients/organizations; and to give our accomplices the tools they need to fight injustice

  • Equity and Diversity - in technology, and in the world

  • Community - for all who resonate with our mission, vision and values

  • Inclusivity - of all who support advancing underrepresented voices in technology


To find out more about our Partner Program, and how your organization can get involved, please reach out to yours truly directly at