Amplify: Our Name and How We Got Here



Girlforce was started in 2013 to give underrepresented voices in tech a place where their voice was heard, where they could affect change, and where they could be who they are and become fearless leaders in technology. Women in technology have traditionally been excluded from positions of leadership and we wanted to provide an inclusive environment and community for women in tech. We chose the name Girlforce because we had an ancillary mission of empowering girls and young women to become fearless leaders in tech, too.

Over time, three things happened:

  1. As our voices amplified the message of equality and empowerment it reached ears outside of Girlforce who asked how they could come along and help us. This is when the Girlforce Partners and Accomplices group was born, giving our partners and accomplices the tools and support they needed to increase our visibility.

  2. While the mission of Girlforce (to make underrepresented individuals fearless leaders in technology) didn’t change, we realized our name, Girlforce, wasn’t broad enough to include many underrepresented voices in tech.

  3. More and more, we came to the conclusion that our constituency was actually best served as individuals, who are either at entry, pivot, or leadership roles in technology.  Especially those representing women, trans, and nonbinary folks in our industries.

These three things led to much soul-searching. Through this, we came to some realizations:

  • We realized we wanted a place where stories could be shared and amplified so that the whole community could be part of that story by acting in solidarity, providing support, and most importantly, listening and learning.

  • We realized that in practice, what we are doing is amplifying our members - their voices, their stories, their access to education and development resources, their successes, and their expertise.

  • And, we realized that including the gender-binary in our name was, in fact, excluding the stories of some of the most underrepresented among us: trans and nonbinary individuals. So in 2017, Girlforce was reborn as Amplify.

So, what IS Amplify?

Amplify is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower women, gender nonconforming/nonbinary and transgender people and their allies in the nonprofit and higher education community to be fearless leaders in technology. Our work includes study groups for certifications, creating paths for educational opportunities, mentoring, community, networking, sharing skills and expertise, emboldening and amplifying underrepresented voices in tech, and educating and empowering those who want to aid in our mission.

Who is an Amplify Partner & Accomplice?

An Amplify Partner or Accomplice can be anyone who believes in the mission of Amplify, desires to help further that mission, agrees to help amplify and act in solidarity with underrepresented voices in tech, acknowledging the intersectionality of these voices and continuing to grow toward an equal world. Typically, this includes those who were identified as male at birth and now identify as men (i.e., the majority of folks in tech), but it can also include corporate entities who want to help amplify underrepresented voices in tech.

Get Involved!

You can get involved in several ways!

Follow us on twitter and facebook at @AmplifyNGO

If you’re a salesforce nonprofit or higher ed user, go to the Power of US Hub and join the conversations happening!

We hope that you’ll resonate with our mission and help us amplify each other’s voices.