Girlforce's Community Commitments

Girlforce@Dreamforce - 2015

Girlforce@Dreamforce - 2015

Girlforce was founded with a simple, but profound, premise: to empower women in nonprofit technology to become fearless leaders. In all that they do, and from whatever walk of life they arrive.  And, as we enter into the next year, we want to re-affirm our commitment to this premise by going back to our roots in the Power of Us Hub and holding up the core values of Salesforce with our own perspective.


We communicate openly.  We bring our full selves: to our lives, to each other, and to our communities.  By giving each other this space, we hope to open it for others who are learning how to claim their full selves.

Customer Success

We care about the success of the institutions and organizations that every member of Girlforce is affiliated with.  Through the expression of our educational programs, our events, the participation of our community, we believe that we can all rise and succeed, together.


Our members are trailblazers.  They continuously work within their communities and organizations to bring new perspectives, support other women, and be a voice of wisdom and inclusion.  Every women in technology is an expert in her own experience, and we represent this expertise in our everyday work.

Giving Back

We give back in ways small and large, from being volunteers and donors, to bringing other women into our community, giving back is one of the core reasons Girlforce exists.

Equality for All

We are stronger when we stand together, and equality for all is an unequivocal value of Girlforce.  Our actions, values, and programming support diversity, inclusion, and equity. This includes our allies, men, people of color, the LGBT communities, and any marginalized group in our society.


We take care of ourselves, so we can be present and grounded for others.  We support each others’ intrinsic humanity, joy, and health, and by doing so, create the well world around us that we seek.


Girlforce also holds it mission statement publicly, so that everyone and our allies can participate in our activities.


We celebrate our shared successes with loads of laughter, love, and joy.  Every week Girlforce members share on our #FridayBragBucket what we’re proud of, and have fun with our achievements.

We look forward to being of service this year, and sharing our evolution into a full-fledged nationwide nonprofit.