Why join an Amplify mentoring circle?

By Vered Meir

The whole concept of mentorship eluded me for a long time. As I grew my career from administrative assistant to Salesforce administrator to Business Analyst, I did not have anyone who I identified as a “mentor” in a formal sense. When I think about the concept without that title, however, I certainly had a number of influencers, teachers, people I looked up to, be they managers, colleagues, even family members. These people played a role in a specific moment in time (or a few) and in particular areas of life, whether it was figuring out how to deal with a challenging professional moment, a career development opportunity, or impostor syndrome. With some of these relationships, I was even able to reciprocate some of this support in other areas where this colleague was struggling.

Megan Himan, in her blog from 2017 “How to Find a Mentor in the Real World,” talks about the importance of specificity in a mentoring relationship. It’s not enough to seek someone out to be your mentor, she argues - you want to be specific about the type of support or advice you are seeking from them.

Enter Amplify’s mentoring circles program! Since 2015, Amplify has been convening groups of Salesforce professionals from underrepresented communities to mentor and support one another around a particular area of focus. The beauty in this program is that we all have support we can provide and support we are seeking out! The mentorship circles program provides a trusting environment in which to have those conversations. Particularly for those of us who come from communities historically underrepresented in technology, finding a space in which to find support and guidance (and offer it) for our lives and careers is essential.

Registration is now live! If you do not see a circle listed for an area of focus, please add it and if we’re able to gather enough interest for it, we’ll help make it happen.

Timeline: registration is now through end of day Friday, February 22nd. We’ll contact our potential group coordinators to schedule an info session the week of March 3rd, and groups will kick off by mid- to late- March. Please contact me (vmeir@salesforce.com) or through the Power of Us Hub) with any questions!