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Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that our community remains a safe space for our members, all participants in Amplify programs, events, and online conversations must agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct, established collaboratively by Amplify members and leadership.

If I am participating in an Amplify event either in person or virtually, I will:

  1. Adhere to Amplify core mission, vision, and values

  2. Commit to fostering a safe space for myself and other program/event participants 

  3. Treat others respectfully, with kindness and empathy 

  4. Be willing to learn from each other and be allies to each other

  5. Abide by ground rules of the event as identified by event organizers 

  6. If in doubt, apply the THINK test: 

    • T - is it True?

    • H - is it Helpful?

    • I - is it Inspiring?

    • N - is it Necessary?

    • K - is it Kind?

  7. Will not harass or harm anyone with physical force, verbal abuse or any other harmful action. Examples of this include but are not limited to: 

    • Any form of sexual harassment/coercion

    • Disregarding / disrespecting gender identity

    • Using offensive language or action aimed at someone’s race/ethnicity 

    • Making assumptions about an individual’s background   

    • Being disrespectful of people’s personal space 

    • Chronically & consistently using demeaning language, put-downs, name-calling or using other inflammatory techniques to shut people down or monopolize the space 

I understand that if I don’t adhere to the code of conduct the following actions could be taken:

  1. If Group leaders determine that I am making a space unsafe for participants, they will talk to me, and if appropriate, will require me to leave if I do not change my behavior

  2. If I am determined by the Board to repeatedly violate the code of conduct at Amplify events and spaces, I will be subject to the following:

    • I will not be able to identify as Amplify affiliated

    • I will not be welcome to take part in Amplify events or initiatives

Please note: Amplify events often include conversations—open, respectful, and probably a little uncomfortable in a good way—among people who are developing awareness of their own privileges and are interested in using that privilege to lift up those from underrepresented backgrounds. Sometimes an Amplify member will say or do something that is inadvertently hurtful or against our goals of inclusivity; when they do, we expect Amplify members to apologize, take responsibility for the impact of their action, and avoid that action in the future.

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